Why I love Summer: Reason #1

tumblr_l5y056dpnS1qap52bIf you’re like me, sometimes you get a hankering for food from the Brooklyn Flea mid-week, and Saturday just won’t come soon enough. But now you can get all your Flea faves in Williamsburg!  Last night, my friends and I filled our thermoses with prosecco and headed to Summer Screen in McCarren Park for Romeo and Juliet.  It was just like reliving our angst-filled teen years; only this time around we had way better food and our consumption of alcohol was legal and encouraged.

I have to say, I like a little lobster with my Leo. Since I hadn’t tried The Red Hook Lobster Pound yet, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give it a whirl. And they did serve up some tasty rolls – Connecticut Style (warm with butter) or Maine Style (with homemade mayo).  While both were fresh and flavorful, this may be the first time in my life I can say I prefer mayo over butter!

Other favorites include:

Pizza Moto, Asia Dog, Crop to Cup Coffee, Porchetta, San Loco, and beer poured by some sassy dudes from Sixpoint Brewery.

So keep an eye on the Summer Screen schedule from The L Magazine.  Come find me when they screen Labyrinth in August.  I may like Lobster with my Leo, but I love Beer with my Bowie.