Cranberry Sauce

As Thanksgiving approaches, I simply can’t wait for the cranberry sauce. It’s perhaps my favorite holiday side dish; and it may be one of the few foods that Americans truly consume seasonally, when cranberries are at their peak (provided it’s fresh cranberry sauce of course). No one’s putting cranberry sauce on their plate … [Read more...]

Whipped Cream

Homemade whipped cream is a very simple and elegant way to spruce up a bakery-bought pie or add a special touch to your own baking. The best part about whipped cream is that it’s so simple! You’ll be able to whip up these homemade versions faster than your significant other can break the seal on the canned stuff. Check out … [Read more...]

Maple Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

It’s that time of year:  buds on the trees, longer days of sunshine, and maple syrup at the greenmarket!  There are several grades of syrup, determined by the time of season the tree was tapped. And while the varying varieties of grade A may be most popular as a table syrup, I prefer the intense maple flavors found in the … [Read more...]