Hungry in Miami – Sustain Restaurant + Bar

sustainWhen we decided to spend a month in Miami, I thought that I would REALLY miss New York. Don’t get me wrong, I knew that the sunshine and high temperatures in January were way better than any blustery winter cold we may experience up here. But I was nervous to leave my food community of Brooklyn, and to be honest, wasn’t sure that I would find that same community in Miami.

Until I went to Sustain. Sustain Restaurant + Bar became our home away from home. It was everything we could ever want in a restaurant – amazing food sourced locally and sustainably, strong drinks with dark spirits, and happy hour. Oh, happy hour! And did I mention one hell of a staff that became our friends and bad influences while in the Sunshine State?

I’m just sad I had to leave before they instituted their new Sunday Brunch – rife with make-your-own bloody mary’s and foie gras french toast. But I’ll be back soon, because even though I missed New York while I was in Miami, I now miss Miami since I’m in New York.