Hungry in Miami – Panther Coffee

Panther CoffeeMiami may be known for cafe Cubano and Latin American coffee stands, but Panther Coffee is carving out an entirely new space in the Miami Coffee Scene. After a long coffee career in Portland, Oregon, Joel Pollock and his wife Leticia packed their bags and relocated to sunnier Miami.

Their coffee shop in the arts district of Wynwood is amazing – there’s such a sense of community and dedication to sustainable practices. In fact – Joel is currently working on a project in Haiti with St. Thomas University to help set up long term-solutions for sustainable and fair trade coffee production.

Check out our most recent Hungry in Miami, and just below the video embed, you’ll find tips from Leticia and Joel on how to buy your beans. Enjoy!

Joel and Leticia’s Coffee Advice:

  • Before you buy a bag of coffee, check for the roast date. Nothing substitutes freshness!
  • Try to buy just enough coffee for the week. Again, freshness is key to great tasting coffee!
  • It’s important to grind your beans at home, just before brewing. Invest in a small burr grinder, which keeps the flavor and aroma of the coffee beans intact and grinds the coffee to a uniform size. Make sure you grind your coffee right before you brew it!

If you liked what you saw and find yourself in Miami, make sure to check out public cuppings held at Panther Coffee at 3 PM every second Friday and third Sunday of each month!