“Hungry in Brooklyn” Supper Club – December 2010!

tumblr_lexouxLJ151qav747o8_1280-199x300Last month we had our December Hungry in Brooklyn Dinner Party and it was a great success!  I had every intention of getting this post up right away, but then all of a sudden it was Christmas and I found myself in Sonoma County. I drank wine. A lot of it. Every single day. I got very little work done, and thus I understand France a lot better now, even after having studied abroad there in my college days.

So without further adieu, the courses!


Frisee Aux Lardons – chicory & frisee, meat-hook bacon, poached egg, shallot vinaigrette


Cranberry Bean and Winter Kale Crostini – lacinato kale, heirloom beans, salvatore brooklyn ricotta, house-pickled red onion 


Filet of Sole – baked wild-caught atlantic sole, roasted pink radishes & brussels sprouts with beurre noisette, microgreens in lemon vinaigrette; pureed parsnips family style 


Organic Pumpkin Whoopie Pies locally milled flour, organic pumpkin, organic cream cheese buttercream filling 

I’ll be updating the blog all week with recipes and links!  Make sure to check out the next post for photos of the food, the guests, and the fun courtesy of Wyatt Tuzo.