Hungry in Brooklyn – Grits

gritsI have to admit, I didn’t really like grits before this episode. When Harry at The Brooklyn Kitchen suggested we feature them, I took it on more as a challenge than an ingredient I was genuinely excited about. And you know what happened? I have come to love them. I realized that my only experience I had ever had with grits had been the gross instant variety that tasted more like slop than corn. But after using Anson Mills grits and getting a lesson with Egg’s George Weld, I learned about what it means to cook with fresh milled stone ground grits. I came to appreciate them as if I was born and bred in the South. It’s yet another example of how the purity and quality of the ingredient can make or break a dish. Check out the episode and follow along with the recipe, posted below, for my Baked Grits with Mushrooms and Gruyere.