Hungry in Brooklyn – Cooking with Beer

BeerSome of the first liquids that come to mind when you think braising are wine, stock and broth. But we forget about beer – and some may argue that because beer is made from grain (barley/rye) and herbs (hops), it pairs with certain foods even better than wine, which is obviously made from grapes. I’m not so sure I agree completely with that statement, but I will admit it’s fun to mix things up a bit and swap out my usual red wine for a bottle of beer instead. But just like cooking with wine, please use something you would also care to drink. Which brings me to our featured brewer:

I was also really inspired by the guys at Sixpoint. Shane started his company from scratch on credit cards and a vision, and has seen huge growth and great success over the past 6-7 years. His beer is consistently voted the best in New York City. Check out the video below and make sure to try out our featured recipe: Beer Braised Brisket.