Hungry in Brooklyn: Peconic Bay Scallops

scallop shellsScallops can sometimes be a bit intimidating for the home cook. The bottom line is they’re actually really easy to make and require very little effort, but a little bit of know-how.

Our adventure begins in Montauk fishing with the guys at Montauk Shellfish, a fishery dedicated to sustainability and making sure that generations to come will be able to enjoy the fruits of the sea. It was a life-changing experience to spend a day on the water dredging for Peconic Bay Scallops, perhaps the sweetest scallops I’ve ever tasted.

But bay scallops are different than diver scallops, the larger variety loved by chefs. So we stop by Dressler for a lesson with Polo Dobkin on how to pan roast the perfect diver scallop. Last but not least, we whip up our catch of the day back home in an ever-so-simple Pan Seared Scallop recipe.