Hungry in New Jersey – Heritage Breed Turkeys

Heritage Breed TurkeysHow many times have you heard “Happy Turkey Day” in reference to Thanksgiving? Probably way too many, especially considering that most of the turkeys you’ll find on tables across America on November 25th were anything but happy, and their lives were never respected.  But then there are a growing number of amazing farmers like Jan and Mike Rogers at Blue Moon Farm who are raising Heritage Turkeys.  These turkeys live a long, healthy, and happy life on pasture. Seeing these birds and spending a morning with the Rogers was quite an inspirational experience.  Knowing where your food comes from makes you that much more thankful for it, and isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about? After we take home our bird, I roast it to perfection in my Thanksgiving Roast Turkey Recipe. And the bet part is that when you know where your food comes from, you’ll definitely make sure not to waste ANY of it!

Not sure where to find a heritage turkey in your neck of the woods?  Local Harvest is an excellent resource for farms across the country, but many farms require a pre-order. The good news is, you still have time to get a heritage breed turkey from companies like Heritage Foods USA, and they’ll ship it right to your door!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!