Cranberry Sauce

As Thanksgiving approaches, I simply can’t wait for the cranberry sauce. It’s perhaps my favorite holiday side dish; and it may be one of the few foods that Americans truly consume seasonally, when cranberries are at their peak (provided it’s fresh cranberry sauce of course). No one’s putting cranberry sauce on their plate … [Read more...]

Pico De Gallo

Tomatoes are nearing the end of their season and what better way to send them out with a bang than with a delicious homemade pico de gallo? This recipe is fresh and crisp, and goes well on everything from tacos to eggs.  *For a lovely bruschetta, swap the cilantro and the lime juice with parsley and balsamic vinegar and … [Read more...]

Corn Tortillas

I will ALWAYS, from here on out, make homemade tortillas. The problem with store-bought tortillas is, let’s face it - the corn tortillas are like cardboard and the flour ones have lard and preservatives.  And you know what else? They always end up going to waste in my fridge.  Well my friend Jess was kind enough to let me … [Read more...]

Habanero Pepper Sauce

I have a pretty awesome garden on my patio thanks to Raphael and the pounds upon pounds of soil he carried up our four flights of stairs last spring. Amongst our tomatoes, eggplant, peas, cucumbers, herbs, and lettuce grows, a habanero pepper plant so active and plentiful I don’t know what to do with all fruits of it’s … [Read more...]

Oven-Roasted French Fries

I recently got rid of my microwave to make room for an ice cream machine and food processor.  I figured I would get a lot more use out of the latter two items, and well— I just don’t have the counter space for anything else.  So when Jeff Slagg of Sel De Mer told me I should have a deep-fryer to make the perfect french … [Read more...]

Plum Sorbet

I bought a quart of plums at the McCarren Park Greenmarket other day - with only two people (and a dachshund) to eat them. I know - that’s a lot of plums but they were so shiny and beautiful and in season, I couldn’t resist! Long story short, they sat on my counter for a few days. I figured that before they started … [Read more...]