Tagging Along – Chef John at the Greenmarket

Before Chef John Adler of Franny’s rocked our world with a delicious Pumpkin Crostini on HiB: Pumpkin, he invited us to join him on his tri-weekly trip to the Union Square Greenmarket, where he procures all the fresh and local produce for the restaurant.  Perhaps he was excited to teach an eager pupil about the ins and outs … [Read more...]

Tagging Along – Chef John at the Greenmarket Photos part 2

We had an amazing time living vicariously through New York chef John Adler at the Union Square Greenmarket. Though he worked until almost midnight the previous evening, there he was, halfway through is shopping trip at 7:45 AM. And based on these photos you'll see, the early bird, indeed, does get the worm. Read the first … [Read more...]

Hungry in Brooklyn – Pumpkin

It’s almost Halloween which means pumpkins are at their peak!  On this episode we head to New Jersey to visit Phillips Farms, where farmer Marc Phillips shows us the different varieties of this scrumptious squash.  Then we head over to Franny’s in Brooklyn (one of my favorite restaurants) for Chef John Adler’s pumpkin … [Read more...]

Hungry in Brooklyn – Cooking with Wine

It’s no secret that I love wine.  I love it.  And I love cooking with it - particularly red wine - not just because it gives me an excuse to drink WHILE I’m cooking but because the flavors are perfect for braised meats and stews.  Now that there’s a chill in the air, it’s time to dust off the dutch oven and and get cooking … [Read more...]

NYC Food and Wine Festival: Thrillist’s Bacon and Blues Party

Our good friends over at Thrillist threw their second annual Bacon and Blues party last night as part of the NYC Food and Wine Festival. Since Bacon is one of my favorite food groups (right up there with cheese, chocolate, and pickles), I couldn’t pass this one up. The event was hosted by celebrity chef Todd English of … [Read more...]

Hungry in Brooklyn – Beets

Beets are a funny vegetable, and can be intimidating enough even for the savviest of home cooks.  Most of us think of the bright red beets, but there are actually many varieties and they're all slightly different in flavor. One thing is certain, beets are always sweet and delicious when roasted, and armed with some … [Read more...]

Hungry in Brooklyn – Mushrooms

I absolutely love mushrooms, but Raphael was never too keen on them so I rarely made them when cooking for the both of us.  But I was clever enough to get mushrooms on the episode roster for our HiB videos - which meant he would have to eat them throughout all my research and recipe testing. [Insert evil laugh here] But … [Read more...]

Mackerel Ceviche

Ceviche is something I always order when I’m out but I have never bothered to make it because it seemed so fancy I figured it was difficult.  Well guess what?  It’s not.  One trip to Yerba Buena made me realize that ceviche is one of the most elegant & easy dishes you can possibly make.  Check out the video below and … [Read more...]

Hungry in Brooklyn – Kale

Kale is absolutely delicious - it's full of vitamins and minerals and it's amazingly nutritious. And while it's popping up on menus everywhere in the form of the Kale Salad - there are plenty of other ways to enjoy the benefits of this superfood. On this episode, we stop by Eagle Street Rooftop Farm where farmer Annie Novak … [Read more...]

Hungry in Brooklyn – Pork Shoulder

No ifs, ands or butts about it— pork shoulder is delicious and succulent.  Pulled Pork is actually incredibly easy to make, and can perfect for feeding a crowd!  On this episode of HiB, we stop by the The Meat Hook to get a lesson in all things pig from butcher Sara Bigelow. Then, we head over Brooklyn's favorite barbecue … [Read more...]