Hungry in Brooklyn: Season One Wrap Party!

This past Monday night, Hungry in Brooklyn hosted our Season One Wrap Party at the Brooklyn Kitchen to honor the chefs, purveyors, and supporters of the show.  It was an amazing night - Anthony and Angelo from Roberta’s did their magic right in front of us, busting out delicious pizzas all evening long. Salty sweet snacks … [Read more...]

Hungry in Brooklyn: Peconic Bay Scallops

Scallops can sometimes be a bit intimidating for the home cook. The bottom line is they’re actually really easy to make and require very little effort, but a little bit of know-how. Our adventure begins in Montauk fishing with the guys at Montauk Shellfish, a fishery dedicated to sustainability and making sure that … [Read more...]

Hungry in Brooklyn – Cooking with Beer

Some of the first liquids that come to mind when you think braising are wine, stock and broth. But we forget about beer - and some may argue that because beer is made from grain (barley/rye) and herbs (hops), it pairs with certain foods even better than wine, which is obviously made from grapes. I’m not so sure I agree … [Read more...]

Hungry in Brooklyn – Grits

I have to admit, I didn’t really like grits before this episode. When Harry at The Brooklyn Kitchen suggested we feature them, I took it on more as a challenge than an ingredient I was genuinely excited about. And you know what happened? I have come to love them. I realized that my only experience I had ever had with grits … [Read more...]

“Hungry in Brooklyn” Supper Club – December 2010!

Last month we had our December Hungry in Brooklyn Dinner Party and it was a great success!  I had every intention of getting this post up right away, but then all of a sudden it was Christmas and I found myself in Sonoma County. I drank wine. A lot of it. Every single day. I got very little work done, and thus I understand … [Read more...]

Hungry in Brooklyn – Brook Trout

Trout is delicious and easy to prepare, but the whole-troutedness might make some decide to pick up a different fish that is skinless, boneless, and filleted into a perfect package.  Well, my friends, you are missing out! Don't let a fish head intimidate you!  Trout is both fool-proof, inexpensive, and sustainable.  On this … [Read more...]

Thirsty in Brooklyn – Three Festive Cocktails

It’s almost New Year’s Eve which means it’s time to start thinking about some fun cocktails.  HiB’s good friend Tim Monaghan is quite the bartender, and he’s compiled a list of his three favorite festive drinks, which he demonstrates in this holiday special: the French 75, Philadelphia Fish House Punch, and Tim's Gin Toddy. … [Read more...]

Hungry in Brooklyn – Parsnips

Parsnips are a deliciously sweet root vegetable in-season after the first frost and in the spring.  So here in the Northeast, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to enjoy them.  This week on HiB, we visit Paffenroth Gardens to learn about how to pick the perfect parsnip. Then we head over to Eat in Greenpoint, where Chef … [Read more...]

Tagging Along – Chef John at the Greenmarket

Before Chef John Adler of Franny’s rocked our world with a delicious Pumpkin Crostini on HiB: Pumpkin, he invited us to join him on his tri-weekly trip to the Union Square Greenmarket, where he procures all the fresh and local produce for the restaurant.  Perhaps he was excited to teach an eager pupil about the ins and outs … [Read more...]

Tagging Along – Chef John at the Greenmarket Photos part 2

We had an amazing time living vicariously through New York chef John Adler at the Union Square Greenmarket. Though he worked until almost midnight the previous evening, there he was, halfway through is shopping trip at 7:45 AM. And based on these photos you'll see, the early bird, indeed, does get the worm. Read the first … [Read more...]