La Espuma – A Cafe Cubano Trick

Coffee is important in almost every culture - and not just the consumption of it but the ritual behind the preparation. Since meeting my husband nearly 10 years ago, I have become a huge fan of Cuban coffee for just that reason. In his family, it's consumed at all hours of the day - it's offered the second you walk through … [Read more...]

Eating My Way Through Miami – One Restaurant at a Time

I’ve been in Miami for the past month performing in the Actors’ Playhouse production of Godspell.  I was excited to take the role, but sad to miss out on my favorite season for food in New York - the fall harvest.  So to drown my seasonal sorrows, I decided I would eat my way through South Florida, checking out all the … [Read more...]

Hungry in Miami – Panther Coffee

Miami may be known for cafe Cubano and Latin American coffee stands, but Panther Coffee is carving out an entirely new space in the Miami Coffee Scene. After a long coffee career in Portland, Oregon, Joel Pollock and his wife Leticia packed their bags and relocated to sunnier Miami. Their coffee shop in the arts district … [Read more...]

Hungry Sources – Something About Sonoma

Not too long ago, we posted one of my favorite episodes we’ve ever done about Peterson Winery in Sonoma County. After that experience, I’ve found myself thinking about Sonoma quite often - it’s really a magical place that is more off- the-beaten-path than its Napa neighbor. But as a result, it wasn’t as easy to find a lot … [Read more...]

Hungry in Miami – Tropical Fruit Tour

Behold our second installment of our Hungry in Miami series! We stopped by a the Homestead, FL fruit stand aptly named Robert Is Here, because, well - Robert owns it and he’s always there. In fact, he has been since he was 6 years old! There’s quite a story behind the establishment, which Robert shares with us in the … [Read more...]

Hungry in Miami – Sustain Restaurant + Bar

When we decided to spend a month in Miami, I thought that I would REALLY miss New York. Don’t get me wrong, I knew that the sunshine and high temperatures in January were way better than any blustery winter cold we may experience up here. But I was nervous to leave my food community of Brooklyn, and to be honest, wasn’t … [Read more...]

Hungry in Sonoma – Peterson Winery

In 2010, my family and I spent Christmas in Sonoma County, and it was pretty perfect. There’s nothing better than escaping frigid temperatures for a little vino in one of the most magical places in the country.  We drank quite a bit of wine - and made some friends.  On a dreary, rainy Sunday after Christmas, we ventured out … [Read more...]

Hungry in San Francisco – Walnuts

It’s no secret that San Francisco is an amazing food town. I mean, the local, sustainable, and organic movement pretty much started in Northern California years and years ago and is now just a way of life. It’s down right inspirational, and exciting to see meet the young people upholding these ideals. Enter Three Babes … [Read more...]

Hungry in Miami – Guarapo

This post is not the first time I have expressed my love for guarapo, that delicious, cold, refreshing, pressed sugarcane juice. Whenever I'm in Miami, I always make sure to stop at Latin America Market, a non-descript green building with no signage west on Flagler near the Palmetto Expressway. The serve up the freshest … [Read more...]

Hungry in Queens – A Soup Dumpling Tour of Flushing

Tiffany Yeh is a great sport. She spent the summer with Raphael and me (and James the Dachshund) as Hungry in Brooklyn’s intern. Now that she’s back at SUNY Albany, we miss her very much. But we wouldn’t let her leave without a bang: since she spent the past few months learning about Brooklyn’s food culture, we figured she … [Read more...]