About Shea Hess


Shea’s philosophy is simple:  eat real food.  Support local farmers and let ingredients speak for themselves.  Food should be delicious and easy, not fussy.  Her web series, Hungry In… makes interesting ingredients more accessible to the home-cook. Each of her recipes is created in her own kitchen for her two favorite taste-testers: her husband Raphael and her mini-dauchshund, James.


Shea has always loved cooking and exploring the world of food. Exhilarated by the exciting local and organic food scene in New York, she started a supper club out of her Brooklyn apartment called Hungry in Brooklyn.  Once a month, 10 strangers would get together for a surprise four-course local, sustainable and organic meal. Response to Shea’s cooking was immediate, and guests started inquiring about her techniques and recipes. Shea and her husband teamed up to create the show Hungry in Brooklyn as a natural extension of the dinners.  They figured it was the perfect marriage between Shea’s love of cooking and her on-screen experience, and Raphael’s TV producer background.

When she’s not slaving behind a hot stove, Shea is also an actress living and working in New York City & Miami.  She’s toured Asia playing Maureen in RENT, originated roles Off-Broadway, and served as a host for Vh1’s award winning “Best Night Ever.” But one thing is certain, no matter what she’s up to, her next meal is probably the first thing on her mind. After all, cooking is the most sincere form of entertainment.


If you are interested in getting in touch with Shea for events, speaking engagements, and classes, please feel free to email her at shea@hungryinbrooklyn.com.  Happy cooking!