Margherita Pizza + Homemade Dough

As parents of a 14-month-old, Raphael and I have found that dinner means something very new, very different than it ever has before.  A once leisurely and relaxing part of our day has turned into a race to make whatever we have on hand--and quickly.  Our main focus is feeding Baby Girl, picking up her sippy cup that hits … [Read more...]

It’s All Greek To Me – Straining Your Own Yogurt

I have been rather lucky to not experience too many crazy pregnancy cravings yet - but one thing is certain: I need yogurt every day.  I can't explain it. Perhaps Baby R is demanding the probiotics, calcium and protein that comes packed in this delectable dairy treat.  But I get bored easily, so I have gotten rather … [Read more...]

Broccoli & Feta Salad

I'm always looking for new ways to enjoy classic vegetables, particularly when they're in season and at their peak in the middle of summer!  I've always loved broccoli but leafy greens like kale and chard have seemed to replace it lately in my shopping cart. I have no explanation for it!  What has broccoli ever done to me? … [Read more...]

Big News for Hungry In…

Hi everyone!  I know it's been a while since I've updated the blog... but there are two very good reasons!  We have some big news I am thrilled to share with each of you: our "Hungry Family" is expanding! Raphael and I are expecting Baby Rodriguez in December! We are both so very excited about a little one on the way, and … [Read more...]

Lemon Curd & Thyme Tart

This lemon curd is so delicious, you could make it alone and serve it with toast, muffins, or scones for a special breakfast.  But pair it with this sweet yet savory shortbread tart crust and you've got the perfect dessert that will wow your mom for a very special homemade Mother's Day.   For The Crust:  1 … [Read more...]

La Espuma – A Cafe Cubano Trick

Coffee is important in almost every culture - and not just the consumption of it but the ritual behind the preparation. Since meeting my husband nearly 10 years ago, I have become a huge fan of Cuban coffee for just that reason. In his family, it's consumed at all hours of the day - it's offered the second you walk through … [Read more...]

Slow-Roasted Lamb Shoulder: An Easter Recipe

If you are entertaining this Easter, you'll want a dish that can wow your guests that doesn't require a lot of work once they arrive. That's why I'm always a fan of slow-roasted meats since all the work is done in the oven while you take care of other things (or in my case sleep since I am a fan of roasting overnight)! And … [Read more...]

Bloody Mary

It's almost the weekend, and there's nothing better than day-drinking on a lazy Saturday - especially when that Bloody Mary is essentially a meal!  Whip up this super fresh and spicy Bloody Mary mix if you're looking for a kick with brunch. The secret?  Instead of using tomato juice that's overly salted - put your favorite … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning – The Spice Cabinet

It's March 21st and the perfect opportunity to plan some weekend Spring Cleaning.  Even though it's too cold in Brooklyn to open the windows and air out the winter blues of my stuffy apartment, there are plenty of things I can do in the kitchen to get ready for a new season, warmer temps, and re-growth.   Take … [Read more...]

Poached Pears in White Wine

Poached fruit is always an elegant and light dessert that makes such a gorgeous presentation.  I'm rather obsessed with poached pears at the moment.  The great thing about pears is that they're available virtually year round since, much like apples, they store so well in root cellars.  It's amazing to have a local pear in … [Read more...]